We make the topic of privacy approachable. For both businesses and consumers. With so much of our lives taking place online today, it’s easy to overlook the dangers associated with sharing your personal data with companies and strangers. Many people are aware that privacy is a problem but they don’t know where to begin. Privacy Files explains the vast array of privacy issues facing society in easy-to-understand language. Then we give you practical solutions to quickly and effortlessly make the changes necessary to take back control of your personal information–one case file at a time.




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New Podcast Episode

Reusable Digital Identity

In this episode of Privacy Files, we welcome back Anonyome Labs CTO, Dr. Paul Ashley.

Season 1, Episode 72    |  54 min

New Podcast Episode

Reusable Digital Identity

In this episode of Privacy Files, we welcome back Anonyome Labs CTO, Dr. Paul Ashley.

Season 1, Episode 72   |   54 min

It provides an important service to the public.

“I appreciate your podcast. It provides an important service to the public. Unfortunately, I’m guessing, most people are not aware that they need your podcast. This seems like a niche type of interest like prepping, investing, home improvement, etc., but it should be more mainstream. A little bit of paranoia is healthy, I think.”

– Ryan –

Keep it coming!

“I’ve been really enjoying Privacy Files… Keep it coming!”

– Iontan W. –

Great podcast!

“They go beyond opinion and often cite sources. Great audio, awesome topics, and fun guests.”

– Ragnar00 –

Helpful information for anyone

“I love the perspectives offered and the way privacy information is presented, especially in the episodes about surveillance capitalism. It’s always something I’m peripherally awaer of, but I don’t always take care to remember that I’m not paying for it, I am the product. Great content!”

– Notashot –

For the normies!

“Love that this podcast reaches not only the tech people but also the normies like me.”

– Bads22 –

Refreshing approach to privacy

“I love the idea of being more cautious about sharing my personal information. But I feel overwhelmed when it comes to where to start to live more privately. In fact, I’m not even that confident I fully understand my risk exposure. Sarah and Rich make the topic so straightforward and interesting to listen to. They’re not extreme. They just want to help the average person stay private.”

– Saving Viking –

Loved the different perspectives!

“I loved hearing the different perspectives from the various age groups in the latest episode on the Social Dilemma. I really enjoyed listening!”

– Mary Gerg –

Great Episodes!

“A must listen for anyone that has ever used the internet.”

– Brian T. –

Super Informative Podcast

“Just heard your podcast on Cybersecurity vs. GRC, and I’m really glad I did. You covered such insightful content and the production quality is super good. Your podcast did help me spark a keen interest to explore more options within the cybersecurity field.”

– Adam F. –

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