Episode 38: Scam Call Centers with Celebrity YouTuber Kitboga


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Scam call centers are big business. Employees head into a typical-looking office building and put in their 40-plus hours every week sitting in cramped cubicles. But unlike most common office workers, these employees spend their days trying to con people out of their hard-earned money. And the most well-known version of the call-center-based scam is the tech support scam.

The criminal world of call-center-based tech support scams is a global industry that bleeds victims of $47 billion US dollars each year–affecting three out of every five consumers.

In this episode of Privacy Files, we welcome YouTuber Kitboga to the show to talk about how some of the most common call-center-based scams work and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

With more than three million subscribers and nearly 500 hilarious videos, Kitboga is one of the most well-known scam baiters on earth. While his videos are incredibly entertaining, they all serve a primary purpose of educating the public about various call-center-based scams designed to pilfer money from the innocent.

Kitboga begins the episode by discussing the inspiration for his YouTube channel and recounts a couple of key moments early on that let him know his unique content was resonating with people.

We then dive into the nuances of some of the most common forms of tech support scams, including the message popup and the fake tech support hotline Google Ad. Kitboga then addresses the growing number of call-center-based scams that don’t involve the usual tech support angle. These types of scams include Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Impersonation, Social Security Fraud, Fake Loans, Pension Fraud, Extended Warranty Fraud and other types of Consumer Financial Fraud.
The conversation then moves to the typical profile of call-center-based scam victims.

Along the way, Kitboga discusses his plans for expanding his content beyond tech support scam baiting. One idea he’s mulling over is to target the perpetrators of dating app catfishing scams.

We close out the episode with Sarah providing a series of tips for avoiding call-center-based scams. Kitboga weighs in and adds some insightful wisdom of his own.

You’ll definitely want to listen to the end as Kitboga reveals his plans for life after scam baiting.

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