Episode 42: Protective Intelligence


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In this episodeā€¦

Most people are generally familiar with the work that private investigators do. But there is a specialization within this profession that few are aware of.
In this episode of Privacy Files we talk to Olivia Arnauts, a licensed private investigator in the state of Texas.

Olivia specializes in an area called Protective Intelligence, a subset of Executive Protection. In her role, Olivia typically serves high-profile clients where, among many jobs, she performs threat assessments to determine risk exposure to dangers such identity theft and financial fraud.

In short, a Protective Intelligence Agent is proactive in identifying, assessing and mitigating potential threats to a client.

We talk about Olivia’s early career as a Signals Intelligence Analyst in the Army and how that influenced her decision to transition into Protective Intelligence.

Olivia talks about her typical client profile, from celebrities to high-profile business people to politicians.

As we discussed in previous episodes of Privacy Files, people share so much personal information online that most bad actors can simply rely on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to conduct their nefarious work.

Olivia explains how easy it is for her to find personal information, ranging from the embarrassing to data that could destroy someone’s future if it fell into the wrong hands.

We then cover some simple things you can do, whether you’re a high-profile person or not, to reduce your digital footprint.

We close out the episode by talking about Olivia’s project to help human trafficking survivors.

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