Episode 45: Confessions of a Former Intelligence Officer


There has been a giant spotlight shining on cybersecurity at Las Vegas casinos. Recently a hacking group pretended to be an IT support employee with Caesars Entertainment, Inc. and gained access to the company’s computer systems.

Hackers made off with Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers from a “significant number” of loyalty program customers.

Social engineering attacks exploit the weakest link in cybersecurity: the human.
In this episode of Privacy Files, we talk to a former US Army Intelligence Officer who once served as an interrogator.

For years he interviewed detainees and informants during a time of war.
While he functioned as a good actor, he also leveraged many of the social engineering strategies employed by the modern threat actor.

You will hear real accounts of interrogations and how an intelligence officer navigates difficult interactions to collect vital information that can save lives.

Whether you are an individual concerned about phishing attacks on your financial accounts or a cybersecurity professional guarding vast amounts of critical company data, this episode will provide you with a different perspective on social engineering methods so you can better protect against bad actor attacks.

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